Monday, September 13, 2010

Thou Shalt Play the Game

In another effort to bond with the boys, I initiated a game night.

BOWIE: At what point will being friends with morons help me become a better person?

He gets sweeter everyday.

I thought maybe we could try out my favorite game--


Nothing helps you get inside someone's head like having them get you to guess the word--

BRODY: Pickle! It was pickle!
BOONE: Pickle? Are you insane?
BRODY: What?
BOONE: You don't put pickles on a meatball sub!
BRODY: I do!
BOONE: That's because you're a freak!

Things didn't go much better with the next team.

BYRON:'s...when you're...uh...
BYRON: It's uh...a place where you...put...
BOWIE: Attics? Basements?
BOONE: Time!
BYRON: Sorry.
BOONE: What was it?
BYRON: Uh...closet.

Awkward seagull.

I felt bad when it was all over. After all, I'm sort of a hustler.

Plus, I had a good partner.

ME: If you like Nickelback you're a--
BRAD: Loser.
ME: Except for 'This Afternoon' which is actually--
BRAD: Decent.
ME: That last guy you dated was a--
BRAD: Toad.
ME: The shirt I'm wearing--
BRAD: Nightmare.

Hey, I had a good time.

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