Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thou Shalt Listen to Miss Turner

Brody needed to learn a way to channel his dramatic nature.

I figured out just the channel.

BRODY: Tina?
ME: Tina.

Miss Turner, if you're nasty.

When I want to let out a little theatrical steam, I put on the Queen of Rock 'N Roll (Sorry, Aretha, only one of you can still move) and I rock out.

BRODY: I never really listen to her.
ME: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

Now, most people would put on the old favorite--Proud Mary.

Me? I like to be a little more avante garde.

BRODY: Typical Male?
ME: It's so perfectly 80's. It could have been on the Cocktail soundtrack.
BRODY: And I just listen?
ME: Of course you don't just listen. You walk around.
BRODY: And do what? Lip synch?
ME: No, just walk. Walk and feel the attitude come in, and the bitch go out. It's a fine line, Brody.
BRODY: All right, hit play.

As soon as the song started, I knew he had it.

BRODY: This feels really good.
ME: Of course it does, you're summoning an icon.
BRODY: I feel like I'm on a runway.
ME: A beaten-but-never-broken runway?
BRODY: No, just a runway.
ME: Okay.

After "Typical Male," we did a little "Nutbush City Limits" followed up with "A Fool in Love."

BRODY: That was amazing.
ME: Do that once a week, and you'll be a new man.
BRODY: And no more lessons?
ME: No, we'll still have lessons. But your IPOD will be much more respectable. Nice try though.
BRODY: Can we listen to "Private Dancer" now?
ME: Um...of course!

Ah, Miss Tina.

She's good for the soul.

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