Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thou Shalt Tear Down Thy Walls

We're coming up on the home stretch.

In just a few short weeks, summer is over.

That means so is the school for boys.

BRAD: And your little group is no closer to sanity than they were before--congrats.

I disagree. I think we've come leaps and bounds.

Take Aaron for example.

AARON: I met this guy.

Before, he would have gone crazy over a guy at the word "Hello."

AARON: He seems really nice.

Now, he's more cautious.

AARON: He gave me his number.
ME: That's great.
AARON: I'm not going to call him.

Perhaps a bit too cautious.

ME: I'm a little confused, Aaron.

I was over his house to watch 'Flipping Out.' (Don't judge.)

AARON: Kevin, every time I get close to a guy I find out something horrible about him.
ME: That doesn't mean you stop getting close.
AARON: Look, I'm just sick of getting my hopes up and then having them dashed to pieces. I'm putting up a wall.
ME: You can't consciously put up a wall.
AARON: Watch me.

I blame myself for this. I had turned Aaron's rose-colored glasses a dark grey.

It was time for damage control.

TAYLOR: Do I know you?
ME: Not yet, you don't.
ME: I'm Aaron's friend.

I managed to find Taylor on Facebook chat.

TAYLOR: Aaron seems cool, but sort of blocked?
ME: Well, that's what I was hoping to take to you about...

In about three hours, Mission: Down With the Wall was in full effect.

Knock, Knock.

AARON: Hey Kev, what's up?
ME: Come outside with me, Aaron.

Once we were outside, he was met with a striking image.

Taylor dressed up like a court jester.

AARON: Uh...confusion?
ME: Aaron, this is a boy who is literally willing to make a fool of himself for you.
TAYLOR: Plus the costume cost forty bucks.
ME: In the hopes that you'll give him a chance.

I could see the cracks in Aaron's wall widen, until he finally laughed.

AARON: Wow, Taylor, you look pretty stupid.
TAYLOR: Does that mean I can buy you dinner?
AARON: Provided you change out of that outfit, then yes.

Aaron looked over at me and smiled.

AARON: So this is progress?
ME: Yes, it is.

And progress never looked so good.

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