Monday, August 3, 2009

Thou Shalt Beware Blasts from the Past

Aaron and I were discussing his ex-boyfriend.

ME: I didn't even know you had an ex-boyfriend.

Nowadays boys start dating before they've even left the closet.

AARON: It wasn't really a relationship...He was...
ME: He was?
AARON: Not exactly someone to be proud of--in the dating sense.
ME: So why did you date him?
AARON: There was just something about him.

Apparently the old flame was back in town for a visit.

AARON: I'm not sure what I should do.
ME: Are you worried that if you're around him again--
AARON: I'll rip his clothes off in less time than it takes him to say hello.
ME: I was going to say 'make a mistake' but okay.

We agreed that I should be there when Aaron's ex makes his grand re-entrance into his life. Since it was nice out, we grabbed an outdoor table at Paragon.

AARON: Whatever I say, don't leave me alone with him.
ME: Deal.
AARON: I think that's him rounding the corner.
ME: Okay.
AARON: God, he looks amazing.
ME: Should I--
AARON: You should get the hell out of here, that's what you should do!
ME: No can do.
AARON: I hate you! I hate you! I--Hi!

I stood up and turned around.

VOICE: No way!


ME: Scooter?
AARON: You two know each other?
ME: Uh...

(100 Dates--See: Man Whore)

ME: Yes, we do.
SCOOTER: Don't be like that. We're friends, me and Kevster.
ME: Scooter and I had...

What should I say?

Regrettable physical interaction?
Hot fun times?
An odd sort of friendship?

SCOOTER: We used to hang out.
AARON: So pretty much what we had, huh?
SCOOTER: Aw, Aaron, you know you're special.

Gee, thanks.

We all sat around and had lunch. Aaron seemed to be conducting himself pretty well. Maybe Scooter had actually failed to work his magic on someone.

ME: Well, this was great.
AARON: Yeah, it was fun.
SCOOTER: We should do it again!

We all said our good-byes, and I started walking back towards my car.

Don't ask me why, but somehow I knew I had to do the drive-by.

I can't say I was exactly surprised when I saw Scooter's car in front of Aaron's apartment building.

Knock, Knock.

AARON: Oh, hey Kev.
ME: He's here, isn't he?
AARON: I'm getting a lecture, aren't I?
ME: As soon as you put on pants.
VOICE: Hey, is that the pizza?

Yup, Scooter's back.

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