Monday, August 10, 2009

Thou Shalt Let Aaron Expose Me to Film

In celebration of getting my kids back from Scooter, I decided to let them play teacher for a week.

AARON: This is so exciting.
ME: You don't get out much, Aaron.
AARON: That's because you don't let me!
ME: Point taken. What do you want to teach me about?

Aaron had a list of films he wanted me to watch.

ME: Oh, this won't be so bad then. I love movies.
AARON: Great. All we're doing for the next eight hour is--
ME: EIGHT HOURS? Aaron, Robert Ebert doesn't watch that many movies in a row.
AARON: No, but I'm pretty sure that's how long he takes to clear a buffet.

Not only were we spending an entire day watching movies, but the movies were--

AARON: Let's start with anime.

--Not exactly what I would call Robert Altman's biggest hits.

It's not that I'm not open to anime, I just feel overwhelmed by it. I feel like in order to like certain things you need to love them from the day you exit the womb.

You know--Sports, Foreign Languages, Barbra Streisand, etc.

AARON: Well, we have eight hours to get you up to speed.

We certainly did.

And you know what? By the third hour, I was kind of into it.

By hour seven, I was white-knuckling it.

AARON: Hey Kev, mind if we call it an evening?
ME: What? But we still have an hour.
AARON: I kind of feel like going out.
ME: Fine. Go out. I'll be here when you get back.
AARON: Kevin, I thought--
ME: Just go! I'm losing time here.

I'm not exactly sure when Aaron left, or when he came back.

The last thing I remember was reaching for the last pretzel in the bag while the sound of anime lingered in the background.

To quote Aladdin, my favorite Disney shirtless Disney character--

A whole new world...A dazzling place I never knew...

Great, another addiction.

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