Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thou Shalt Pass It On

I'd come to my last day with Alicia.

ALICIA: I got you something.
ME: Is it pink?
ALICIA: It might be.

It was a little pink guardian angel...soap.

ME: Awww...are you telling me to shower more?
ALICIA: Kevin!
ME: Kidding, kidding.

I wondered what would be the perfect final lesson for Alicia. When I met her, she was still very much a girl--insecure, needy, and ultimately very unsure of herself.

Now, she was twice the woman she was--at least, that's what I'm hoping.

I had Alicia meet me at Andrea's, where I had a guest waiting.

ALICIA: Who's this lovely lady?
ME: This is Amy.

Amy--fifteen, insecure, needy, and ultimately--

AMY: So glad I met Kevin! My gay friend Seth just moved to Boston, so now I only have, like, four.
ME: Alicia, Amy is your newest protege.

That's right. I'm paying it forward.

Alicia was, shocker, unsure. She excused us and pulled me out onto Thayer.

ALICIA: I can't mentor this girl! I don't know anything!
ME: Yes, you do. You know at least as much as I've taught you, and probably a lot more.
ME: Alicia, she needs someone to look up to. She doesn't need a fourth gay friend. She needs a surrogate big sister who will listen to her and steer her in the right direction. You can do that.
ALICIA: But what if I screw up?
ME: You mean like how I did over and over again?
ALICIA: But you meant well.
ME: Sweetheart, meaning well is half the battle.

We went back inside. Alicia and Amy started talking. Pretty soon, they barely knew I was there.

Which was exactly the way I wanted it.

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